The Total Food Group is a member of the Lordos Organisation and started its operations in 1971 with the founding of GDL Trading Ltd (GDLT). Its initial purpose was to cater for the Lordos Group owned hotels in prewar Famagusta, with the city rapidly growing due to the new industry of tourism. Careful product sourcing and a commitment to quality and client service brought additional hotels to our client base, along with restaurants and catering facilities. Supporting this growth was a logistics blueprint that brought the company close to the clients and their daily needs, offering unparalleled service. The Company re-couped quickly after the 1974 difficult times of Cyprus and has been steadily growing since then to become the number one frozen imports and distribution company on the island.

During the 90’s, as the Cyprus economy matured and brought with it a developed middle class and a more diverse range of needs, the Group expanded via commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions. This period brought aboard the brands of Wellgoods and PSFS, offering lower end grocery shopping. On the turn of the century and with Cyprus joining the European Union family, the businesses of Prinos (offering high end grocery shopping), Primes (offering retail products and services), and BCL Bake (offering import and distribution of frozen bread and pastry) joined the family of Companies operating today under the trade name Total Food.

Looking forward, Total Food wishes to engage specialist knowhow towards healthy nutrition, advanced logistics processes and engaging the online world we are all a part of, whilst maintaining the excellent service and product range that clients trust for the last half century.

The Lordos Organisation is a diversified Group with investments in Property, Hotels, Services and Food: and has had a continuous presence in Cyprus and other Countries since 1936.

Company Profile

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